Exklusivinterview mit Elmhurst Coach

Im Juni 2019 besucht das Footballteam des amerikanischen Elmhurst College auf ihrer Europareise Österreich. Die ELMHURST BLUEJAYS werden dabei am 08. Juni ein Freundschaftsspiel gegen die PROJEKT SPIELBERG GRAZ GIANTS absolvieren. Der Headcoach der Bluejays, Jeff McDonald ist in seiner ersten Saison Trainer des Teams und ist nun der 20. Headcoach in der Geschichte von Elmhurst. Die letzten beiden Jahre verbrachte er als Defensive Coordinator an der Illinois Wesleyan University.


What do you expect from the Europe Travel and the Game against the Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants?

Jeff McDonald: „This will be an experience of a lifetime for our student-athletes. To travel to Europe and play a very good team in the Graz Giants is just an amazing opportunity. So, with that we would like to see our team grow even closer as a group, while getting better at the fundamentals of the sport.“


Have you ever been to Europe, or even Austria? What do you looking most forward to during the trip?

Jeff McDonald: „I have travelled to a number of places but never to Europe or Austria. Growing up history was always my favorite class at school and there are so many major moments in history that have occurred in Austria with Napoleon, World War I, etc… In particular I am really looking forward to seeing the statute of Marcus Aurelius in Vienna. He has always been the Roman Emperor that I admired most and his book “Meditations” is one of my favorites.“


How did you experience the team so far during your time as a coach?

Jeff McDonald: „The experience has been great. I was hired a little more than three months ago and have been playing catch up ever since. The administration here, our student-athletes, our coaching staff have all been an enormous help in getting the foundation of this new program put in place.“


What do you think is the team’s biggest strength?

Jeff McDonald: „As a coaching staff we are still learning about our team and where our strengths lie. I have been pleasantly surprised with how coachable our young men have been in embracing our new systems.“